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Streams of Mercy Center

Every child needs to know they matter. Every mother needs to have a friend.

In the loving environment of Streams of Mercy Center, families get practical help in how to best care for the special needs of their children and fun activities to enrich their lives.

Training and Encouragement

Professionals and volunteers use games, instruction, sensory motor strategies, non-verbal communication techniques, play therapy and general emotional encouragement to help children with disabilities achieve their highest potential, and teach their siblings and parents how to better care for the child.


Physical Therapy

Professional physical therapists help train our Mercy Team members in proper seating and wheelchair assessment for our wheelchair donation program. Physical therapy topics such as proper seating, lifting, exercise, massage, and stretching are taught to families and individuals learning to care for their own disabilities. Bed sores, herniated discs, and muscle atrophy sometimes can be postponed or prevented with good movement and massage.


Occupational Therapy

Qualified occupational therapists provide training in play, hygiene, feeding, caregiver burnout and back care.

What could Derya do all alone?

Derya shut the door to her bedroom and slid to the floor, hot tears cascading down her tired face. Waves of anguish crashed through her mind.

“I can’t go on,” she cried softly to herself. “God, help me.”

Few of us understand the weight of caring for a disabled child. For Derya, it’s more exhausting and isolating than she ever imagined. She works long hours to provide basic food and necessities, because her husband left her soon after he realized their daughter, Aylin, had cerebral palsy and would never have a normal life.

Derya’s life is lonely. Her own mother lives with her to help care for Aylin, but they have few visitors and no friends. No one really understands the shame they feel as they are shunned by society. No one comprehends the emotional and physical exhaustion of providing round-the-clock care. Derya loves her daughter deeply. Still, the constant struggle makes it’s all too easy to despair.

Kardelen’s Streams of Mercy Center is a lifeline to mothers like Derya. Welcomed with open arms, families with disabilities are no longer isolated and rejected, but embraced with heartfelt community and acceptance. They join with families like their own for times of fun so they can build friendships, learn together and celebrate their children in a supportive environment.

Birthday Parties

Considered by their culture to be cursed by God, disabled children in Turkey aren’t celebrated on the day they are born. Birthday parties throughout their life rarely happen.

At the Streams of Mercy Center, we believe every child is deeply loved by God and should hear the message: “It is good that you have been born.” Every child gets a birthday party with cake, decorations, music, dancing and games. For many, it is the first party they’ve ever known—the first time they’ve felt celebrated rather than ignored.

Volunteer Turkish-speakers are always welcomed to join in the Kardelen Mercy Team and Streams of Mercy activities. We welcome people from every walk of life, and men as well as women. Anyone wanting to join in our activities should contact FriendsOfKardelen@gmail.com.

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