Kids’ Club for Refugees

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Hope for Refugee Children

The refugee crisis in Turkey is overwhelming. Families from war-torn countries like Iraq and Syria have fled in terror from the rampant destruction of the neighborhoods, jobs and homes they love. With nothing more than what they can carry, they escaped to a strange new country, only to be met with hostility, rejection, hunger, poverty and fear as they now struggle to survive another day.

Kids’ Club Gives Joy

What we don’t hear are the stories of the refugee children. Their lives are incredibly disrupted, their hearts deeply traumatized—and at such a crucial time in their development. The children who make it safely to countries like Turkey are fortunate. But their struggle is far from over.

Though this is deeply troubling, there is hope. With your help, Kardelen Mercy Teams is stepping up to meet the needs of refugee children.

Kids’ Club, a twice-a-week outreach day that invites refugee children, especially those with disabilities, to a safe environment where they can regain their childhood.

Sami Just Wants To Play

Sami stares out the window of his apartment at the children passing by outside. The other children laugh on their way to school. “Sami,” says his mother to her 8-year old boy. “Come away from the window and sit.” Her heart aches for her son. For him, there’s no school. No learning. No friends or laughter. He is a refugee—an outsider. Held at a distance in society, he has nothing to do but watch others succeed while his own childhood slips by.

As the refugee crisis drags on, children like Sami are losing every chance at success in life. Barred from attending school, their education falls years behind. They struggle to process the emotional burden of all they’ve been through. Most live with two or three other families in a two-bedroom apartment, lacking even the space to move around and play like a normal child.

What is to become of this “lost generation” of children? Without help, they aren’t likely to finish school, get a decent job or integrate into society in a healthy way.

Each Tuesday and Thursday, children are brought to our Streams of Mercy Center where they enjoy a good breakfast. Then their morning is filled with fun learning activities that integrate art, music, reading, writing and math. After a delicious lunch, the kids get to burn off extra energy, develop their physical skills and improve coordination with sports activities.

The children love Kids’ Club! Rather than being left behind, they’re catching up in their education. Rather than being shut out, they’re integrating with other children in games and activities that sharpen their minds, strengthen their bodies and lift their spirits.

Your gift today gives so much to a child who might otherwise be held down in life. Your support says to a child in need, “I see you. My heart hurts for what you’ve been through. I believe in your future and want to help.”

Bring happiness to a refugee child

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