Cancer Care

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Loving care for children with cancer

In Turkey, children in hospital care sometimes experience tragic difficulties. In the cancer ward, children often come out of surgery with an unexpected amputation to stop the spread of the disease. Others undergo treatment without the parents present.

With your support, Kardelen Mercy Teams provides companionship, counseling and prayer for these dear children in trauma. You help us provide tutoring so that kids in treatment don’t fall behind in school. And you brighten each child’s day with fun crafts and activities.

When Veli Needed Us

Veli was missing.

Normally, the young boy loved the craft and activity time he shared with other children in the cancer ward of the hospital. With endless months of treatment, the play time that our Kardelen staff provided was a highlight of Veli’s day.

“Why haven’t I seen you at our play time?” asked a kind woman on our staff. She found Veli in his bed all alone.

“They cut off my leg,” Veli said. He’d gone into surgery recently, but wasn’t told that the doctors might remove his leg. “My life is over. I can’t play anymore.” The shock and grief of his loss was overwhelming.

Moments like these are why your support of Kardelen Mercy Teams is so important. The woman on our staff was able to hug and comfort Veli. She assured him that although he’d lost his leg, the doctors had saved his life.

Veli’s loss is still hard. But he’s smiling again. And he’s back enjoying the activities with other kids as he recovers.

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