Wheelchairs and Prosthetics

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Why Mobility Matters

Imagine your child unable to walk, run and play. Imagine having to carry the child everywhere you go. Sooner or later, you can’t do it. A wheelchair or walker is essential. Better yet, we would like to see these children learn to walk!

This can be done with your help and the healing power of God. Your gift allows us to work with children and their families to solve the mobility issue – whether that’s through the gift of a wheelchair, walker, orthotic, prosthetic or other mobility aid.  Our goal is to help the child achieve maximum mobility and independence.

Our properly fitted wheelchairs, orthotics and prosthetics maximize the child or young adult’s potential, giving them hope, comfort and opportunity, as well as lowering their risk for further disabilities due to ill-fitting equipment.

These wheelchairs and prosthetics also help their caregivers by easing their burden and helping them care for their loved one.

Mass donated inexpensive or second-hand chairs are designed for use as temporary transport in indoor settings in industrialized countries. They are difficult or impossible to use in developing countries like Turkey. These chairs are not durable, and tend to break easily in rough conditions. Repairs are costly or parts are not available.

Standard wheelchairs have very limited adjustments. Rarely do they fit specific body sizes, especially the small frames of children. Proper fit is extremely important as improperly fitted chairs can cause pressure sores, contractures, shoulder injuries, back pain and scoliosis.

Kardelen is committed to providing the best possible care to disabled children. Our custom-fit chairs are very high quality, made to be rugged, durable and navigable.

Yes. To enjoy maximum mobility and avoid health complications, it’s important for children to be regularly screened to ensure their chair works well for them as they grow.

Our wheelchairs are designed to be size-adjustable to maximize their use as the child grows.

A well-built and regularly maintained chair can easily last 5-10 years, sometimes even longer. The investment cost of our chairs is well worth the long-term benefit children receive.

Wheelchairs provided through Kardelen Mercy Teams are custom built in Turkey, supporting the local economy and providing comfortable, lasting care for children in need.

Each manufacturer undergoes assessment, training and testing to ensure our wheelchairs are tailored to the special needs of children and young adults with disabilities.

Your gift of a wheelchair or prosthetic can greatly improve a child’s life for many years to come.

A Wheelchair for Fariha

Fariha rarely left the small room where she slept on the floor. Born with a disability, she never learned to crawl or walk on her own. The only way for Fariha to go anywhere was for her mother or grandmother to carry her. As Fariha grew, carrying her just wasn’t possible. At best, she might stare through the window at the outside world.

Even if Fariha might be lucky enough to receive a hospital wheelchair, the one-size-fits-all models often cause painful sores—or worse, aggravate an already compromised physical condition.

Thanks to generous support from friends like you, Fariha is one of hundreds of children who received a wheelchair through Kardelen Mercy Teams. Her custom-fit chair provides comfort and mobility, and should last for years to come. In fact, one of our first wheelchair recipients still has his chair more than 15 years later.

Change a child’s life

Give a child mobility
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