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Because Every Child Should Be Loved

Your support provides loving care to some of the world’s most neglected and isolated children.

Every child deserves to be loved and cared for.

Is Hasan’s disability a curse?

His family believes Hasan’s condition is the result of divine retribution for wrongdoing by their ancestors. He is cursed by God. So he is shunned, cast into a back room, forced to sleep on a cold cement floor, barely alive.

Living in dire poverty, Hasan’s mother provides food as best as she can. Her husband abandoned her when he saw that his son was disabled.

The life of every child matters!

Your caring support can change the life of a child like Hasan. Your donations provide custom wheelchairs, home visits, professional assessments, therapeutic care, relational support for caretakers, and so much more.

Donate to Share Love With A Hurting Child